Upcoming Knowledge Opportunities

Global Space University leverages decades of operational, in-classroom, and individualized training experience to maximize student-based learning and knowledge-sharing in a virtual setting. We optimize the same instructional best practices that have made us thought leaders and expert practitioners of in-person training. These allow us to engage students on a higher level, delve deeper into concepts, and help build a path toward professional certification.

  • Outcome-Based Approach – Our team uses an outcome-based approach that designs a curriculum to meet organizational desired learning objectives that are specific, measurable, and relevant and allow us to translate these objectives into real-world application of concepts and wisdom.
  • Active Learning – The onus for learning is on the student.  Instructors are facilitators, who help build wisdom through interactive live-virtual lessons.  We use the Socratic method and thought-provoking discussions/exercises from targeted readings and assignments to aid discovery/deeper exploration of concepts.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning – We employ a variety of synchronous and asynchronous learning techniques to maximize facilitator to student interaction and increase retention. 
    • Live-Virtual Instruction: Our expert instructors actively teach students using videoconferencing for up to two hours per module.
    • Micro-Learning: Each module has micro-lessons that break down difficult or overarching topics into smaller chunks.
    • Gamification: We leverage embedded games to help students retain information. Their scores are recorded on a class leader board, spurring their desire to repeat the game until they get a high score.
    • Practical Application: We use meaningful practical exercises and assessment devices designed to translate into higher order capabilities of application, evaluation, synthesis, and analysis.

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