Digital Badging & Credentials

Showcase Your Space Certification Achievements

Global Space University partners with Credly to pull your achievements out of your home, your computer, or the registrar’s office, to show people what you know and can do. You can quickly and easily accept and manage your digital badge, a verified micro-credential and graphic representation of the knowledge and skills you learned while part of GSU.

Your badge is fully portable, and includes the details of your accomplishment. When you choose to make it visible to others, they can see what it took for you to earn your achievement. You can easily share your badge on all of your chosen social and professional media. You can add it to your digital resume, email signature, blog, or website.

You earn a credential for successfully completing any of the Certified Space curricula below:

Organizations use Credly to issue shareable and secure credentials, provide transparent outcomes and skills, and gain actionable data and insights about how and where those credentials are being used.