Space 310 (SP310) Adversary Space Capabilities II – Level 3 Certification Course 2 of 2 ($3400)


Space 310 – Adversary Space Capabilities II (A Certified Space Professional 3 Course). SP300 is a Prerequisite for this course.

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Course Delivery:

This is an 8-week online course hosted on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) using asynchronous and synchronous elements.  Each week consists of:

– 6 hours of student assignment and activities

– 2 hours of live-virtual instruction (Microsoft Teams) with a Certified Space Professional instructor

– Two 30-minute Q&A sessions with instructors (before and after each synchronous session)

Students complete a challenging Capstone project with a Senior Space Professional designed to test student application of knowledge.

Course Content:

China and Russia threaten the ability of nations around the world to deter aggression, protect national interests, and fight and win future conflicts. Simultaneously, the rapidly expanding commercial space industry provides low-cost space capabilities & options for nations and actors across the globe to enter a previously inaccessible domain. China and Russia are developing a wide array of counter-space weapons to hinder international access to essential space services and purposefully interfere with the electromagnetic spectrum. Private industry is developing orbital maintenance and orbital debris removal capabilities which will represent future counterspace threats. This course flows through the Threat Continuum providing required insight to ensure freedom of action in space and, when necessary, defend against threats and deny adversary freedom of action in space.