Space 900 (SP900) The Space Domain – National Security Executive Seminar – Executive Certification


Space 900 – Space Executive Professional (A Certified Space Professional Executive Course)

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Course Delivery:

– This is a 3 day in-person course using synchronous elements.

– The course includes an Evening Social, Lessons, and Guided Discussion Topics, guided by Certified Space Professionals.

Course Content:

Provides a foundation in space grand strategy to introduce students to space policy and published guidance that shapes strategic initiatives as nation states, allies and partners in space. Space 900 provides an overview of the space environment across all orbital regimes and introduces space capabilities to familiarize students with current examples across military, commercial, allied and civil space. This course provides a stark reality-check on our space vulnerabilities through a review of current adversary counter space capabilities and threat systems that provide a variety of critical services to all nations. We use a series of practical real-world vignettes and examples, to engage the student with situations where space capabilities and space mission areas are applied in support of multi-domain operations. Our discussions and exercises illustrate space interoperability, synchronization, support, and effects across the spectrum of operations. Finally, Space 900 incorporates multiple senior leader perspectives, ranging from the Department of Defense, allied/partner leaders, as well as leaders from commercial space industry. Space 900 offers the unique opportunity to have face-to-face dialogues with space enterprise leaders to enrich your experience and learning with seasoned perspective to achieve a greater awareness of the space environment, threats, and capabilities.