Space Courses

Looking to grow space knowledge at your own pace? The GSU team offers comprehensive introductory courses in a familiar virtual environment.

SPACE 105 – Introduction to Space

This asynchronous, self-paced 8-hour course raises students’ awareness of space by examining the evolution of our understanding and use of space, space as warfighting domain, and trends in the emerging space industry. Graduates of this course will be able to describe the characteristics of space and identify the various orbital regimes employed by spacecraft in operation today. Students will be given an opportunity to learn about the various space-based missions such as satellite communications, ISR, position navigation and timing, missile warning, and environmental monitoring. Lastly, the students will gain a deeper appreciation for the capabilities these missions provide to fielded commanders and how their denial can severely impact the operational environment. [8 Academic Hours]

SPACE 155 – Space Race 2.0

This 8-hour asynchronous expands upon the lessons learned in SP 100 or SP 105 and exposes the student to space- based capabilities available to policymakers and militarys around the globe. Students will be introduced to current and emerging kinetic and non-kinetic space threats, the rapid growth in commercialization of the space industry, and the driving forces behind this phenomenon. Finally, the student will be asked to describe the impact of international policy and the commercialization of space on future military acquisitions and capabilities. Potential students should be chosen for continued evaluation as candidates for progression in space-based operations or other related career fields. [8 Academic Hours]

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